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TCTC Spring & Summer Schedule with Update on Corona Virus

Hello Twin City Tennis Camps Families and Friends,

We hope you are all staying safe, healthy and active during this ever evolving unique and unprecedented time of all our lives battling with the corona virus. It is amazing to see how we are all responding to the outbreak of the corona virus as a stronger community an in new and innovative way of staying together and supporting one another wherever possible.

Along with my wife Molly and our four children, Bluma, Liza, Sunny, Skye, we are all learning together what it means to slow down, make more time to clean & play together, cook and eat more meals together, and listen and share stories with each other that we may not have done as much prior our our home confinement. In addition to the Zoom, Marco Polo, Face time happening inside our own home, I have also quickly remembered just how much smiles are contagious and how they make everyone around us feel better including ourselves too.

And I am also reminded how waving and saying hello to new and old friends in the neighborhood and on the local streets, when outdoors and exercising goes a long way to help make everyone feeling connected, safe and assured too. I definitely think with the spring weather turning for the better, it will be real a blessing for everyone to get outside for walks, biking, hiking, tennis and of course enjoying fresh air and plenty of needed sunshine while staying safe and distanced appropriately. Our family has been playing tennis outside on the local courts, and also playing in the driveway and volleying and serving in the back yard.

Here is a current update on our spring and summer schedules as of Monday March 30:

Spring Tennis Camps/Lessons - Our spring programs begin the weekend of Saturday, April 18 and the week of Monday, April 20, we are planning to start all camps/lessons as scheduled. In the event of any delays, we will plan to push back our start date a week or two out as required and go from there.

We do have the ability to keep our groups small enough to be 6 or fewer per court and we hope that we will be able to provide small group camp/lessons at this time.

Summer Tennis Camps/Lessons - We are 9 & 10 weeks out until our summer camp programs begin the first & second week of June, and we are definitely planning to have our summer camps fully staffed and ready to go at this time. We will continue to provide safe, healthy and great athletic outdoor tennis activities for your children and yourselves to participate and enjoy while keeping our individual court numbers to 6:1 ratio of coaches and students. If necessary at that time, we will also make every arrangement necessary to keep our off court numbers smaller than 10, and stay separated into small groups to ensure a safe environment as recommended.

Camp Registration: We are still accepting registrations for spring and summer camps, and when necessary we will be prepared to provide refunds or credits for any pro rated or cancelled classes due to the corona virus. At this time we would ask that everyone continue to keep your plans and schedules for tennis in place, and continue to refer your family, friends and classmates to consider participating with TCTC this season as well.

TCTC Staff: Our 2020 Operations & Coaching Staff includes - Bryan Hoff, Greg Robinson, Nicolas Yanes, Jose Gomes, Edmundo Torres and Daniel Nabedrick. We will continue to work planning and preparing for our spring & summer programs and happy to help with any registration questions you have.

Thank you all for supporting, registering and participating in Twin City Tennis Camps. We hope we will all get through this historic challenge and in the process become a more stronger, unified and healthier community.

See you on the courts,


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