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The Premier Pickleball Club &
The Premier Tennis Club 


We provide a large variety of membership opportunities to find the best fit for you to join our Premier Pickleball Club & Premier Tennis Club brands. Featuring; Indoor Pickleball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Family Fun Fitness, Athletics, & Entertainment Event Space Available to everyone from families, corporate groups, schools and community organizations in all areas of athletics.  


With a wide range of membership, patron cards, open play and court reservation options available to "join the fun" and thats all with designated categories and specific pricing options to fit your own individual,  family or small or large groups specific needs, design and schedule and we have all the flexibility and options necessary to "pivot" in any direction you would like us to help you build and support for your own criteria and  needs. 


We offer 12 month annual, 8 month seasonal, 4 month winter, & single monthly & weekly membership options for both Adult with Small & Large Group Membership Packages along with Family, Couple & Individual Membership Packages that provide access to our Indoor Dome Stadium Athletic, Fitness & Court Facilities from 6:00 am -11:00 pm/7 days a week/ 52 weeks of the year.  


   Free with your club  membership, we will provide access to our , Sixteen (16)  Pickleball Courts, Nine (9) Adult & Junior Tennis Courts, Five (5) Athletic/Sports/ Fitness/Workout & Game Activity Zones for You and your Family, Friends or Exercise Group to enjoy each and every day when you come to your club. Plus, with your membership you will get first access to sign up and register for any of our ala carte group or private athletic, sports, racket classes and programs.

    We will guarantee you access to highly skilled and professionally trained tennis, pickleball & athletic fitness staff member that will be available for any group or private on court or off court lessons, leagues, mixers, tournaments classes & camp experiences that you wish to register for  and to participate additionally throughout the course of the calendar year.  We have the expertise, experience, dedication and commitment to excellence to meet and measure above the highest quality standards of your clubs customer experience. 

    With over 20 year of service to our Twin City community of families & friends, it is our companies driving force & mission to provide a first class athletic club atmosphere with the highest standards of safety, health, athletics, fitness, and educational opportunities to our members and guests 365 days of the year. It is exclusively our # 1 goal to make your club experience rewarding 100% of the time.

  Whether it's with your racket or paddle in hand or with a fitness or yoga workout we promise to get you sweating, exercising and personally improving even after one hour on or off the court with our professional staff.  You'll get a great athletic workout, an physical & mental body high, and we will put a smile on your face, as well as great tips you are looking for to take your game to the next level. Come join us for a tour of our facility and we will welcome you, your family, and your whole team or group of players to our athletic facility to play tennis, pickleball and more.


The Premier Pickleball Club & The Premier Tennis Club

Pickleball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Athletics,  Fitness, & Family Fun- 7 Days a week- and 52 weeks of the year - we have indoor and outdoor entertaiment and exercising waiting for you around every "Kitchen" and " Dink Zone". 


Come Join Us..... 

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