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Minnesota International Tennis Academy

We are looking for families to host an international student while they attend our MIT Academy during the summer of 2018.  Please read about our students that will be arriving in July, who would love to have a caring and fun host family to make this a positive memorable experience. Please contact Executive Director - Daniel Nabedrick  or Academy Director Leonardo Luna if you are interested in being a host family for one of our academy students. 612-600-2460 


Laura Muñoz-Baroja

My family is Spanish, but all of us speak French and English. We’ve always believed that learning languages and new cultures helps us to be openminded. Besides that, I have a brother nineteen years old that is in his first year at college studying mechanical engineering in Michigan with a tennis scholarship, and I would also love to study in the USA with a scholarship in the future.

Marco Yanguela

I have two sisters; the oldest is 11 years old and the youngest 2 years. My father is a judge and my mother works for the government. This is a normal week in my life: I go to school at 8:00h in the morning and I finish my classes at 2:35 p.m. I have 2 breakswhen I talk with my friends. My favorite subjects are physical education, arts and music.

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MIT Academy 

past players experiences



Puedo confirmar con total seguridad que ha sido el mejor verano de mi vida hasta la fecha y estoy esperando ansiosamente la posibilidad de poder volver a viajar allí. Este campamento de tenis es muy diferente a los demás porque no ha habido  ninguna persona con la que no me he llevado bien, todo el mundo es encantador pero aparte también aprendes muchas cosas. Es una experiencia increíble y la recomendó a todo el mundo que tenga la posibilidad de ir.

Muchas gracias! 



I am completely sure  it was the best summer ever, and I am anxiously waiting to have the opportunity to go back again. This is a very different camp; I didn't meet one single person who I didn't get along with, everyone is extremely nice, plus you get to learn a lot from everyone. It is an incredible experience and I recommend it to everyone that has the opportunity to attend. 

Thank you so much!


MIT es una academia donde nos reunimos gente de todas partes del mundo, y cada uno compartimos experiencias y conocimientos de donde venimos. Algo que me encanta es poder trabajar con alumnos individualmente durante largos periodos, no solo para ayudarles a mejorar, sino que también poder llegar a establecer una relación mas cercana con el alumno y seguir creando amistades. Es un lugar donde a pesar de estar muy lejos de mi hogar, me siento como en casa.

MIT is an academy where people from all over the world come together to share knowledge and experiences from all around. One of my favorite things is that you get to work individually with students for a long period of time, not only helping them improve, but also getting to know each other and making new friends. MIT is a place that even if it is far away from my house, I feel at home. 


Mi experiencia en Minnesota fue fantástica y de las mejores de toda mi vida. Al principio estaba un poco nervioso pero con el paso de los días fui haciendo amigos y ese nervio paso a ser la emoción de ir todos los días a entrenar y pasármelo genial. Me llevo muchos amigos, nuevos conocimientos tanto del tenis como del inglés y muchas anécdotas para contar! Una experiencia increible!- 


My time in Minnesota was fantastic, one of the best experiences I have had in my life. At the beggining I was a little nervous, but soon I started making new friends and I started feeling super happy and excited of going to the academy every day to practice and have a blast with all my friends. I came back to Spain with lots of friends, and a huge improvement on my tennis and english skills, as well as lots of stories to tell that I will always remember! I had an incredible experience! 

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