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SPRING / SUMMER / FALL / WINTER- Indoor Year Round & Outdoor Seasonal -  Lessons, Clinics & Camps Available to register for online. Twin City Pickleball Camps will provide private & group lessons, clinics, & camps at any of our locations 9 indoor & outdoor year round or seasonal facilities,  as well as we will travel to a private home court destination of your choice.  Just give us a call to set up your own private lesson schedule today- 952-217-6115 or email:


We provide individual, small group & Large group lessons, clinics or camps 7 days a week. 52 weeks of the year, for all winter, spring summer, fall options both indoors year round and outdoors seasonal. We have the experience and expertise to make your game improve even after one hour on the court with our professional staff.  You'll get a great athletic workout as well as great technical or strategic tips that you are looking for to take your game to the next level.  Come join us for a private tennis lesson and we will get your game energized to play great tennis the entire outdoor season.

Twin City Tennis Camps & Twin City Pickleball Camps offers the absolute best private, small group or large group tennis & pickleball lessons, semi private , clinics and camps available anywhere in the country

  • We offer private  lessons to juniors and adults and director of tennis Daniel Nabedrick is known for his no-nonsense style, sense of humor, and keen technical/tactical eye.

  • Our lessons are intellectually stimulating, physically demanding, and emotionally uplifting.A versatile coach, our staff  can break down a stroke like few coaches can, but can also work with students at an elite level tactically.

  • We will train mature, coachable adults, seniors, & children as young as 5 and also serious adults age 84. 

  • Many families bring their serious young athletes to Twin City Tennis Camps & Twin City Pickleball Camps for their developmental years to get a modern, high performance  technical/tactical foundation including footwork, while being motivated to be their best and learning critical mental toughness and discipline.

  • TCTC & TCPC students learn an incredible work ethic, are known for being warriors with a fighting spirit, and have beautiful, world-class modern technique, tactical smarts, and graceful, explosive footwork.

  • Our Staff also has a loyal following of adults who appreciate a cerebral lesson, but who are not afraid to be physically pushed to the max.  We have many adults come to train and to learn the modern game, to upgrade technical weaknesses, or to fix poor technique that was learned many years prior.

  • With Expert Trained and Professional Accredited staff, we have an expert professional available to look at technical reconstruction of strokes, and as a elite junior coach he welcomes adults to come train with him and his students.

  • Many Adult players, juniors and parents come to TCTC & TCPC for private lessons evaluation.  We can provide an honest assessment of a player's current technical/tactical level of proficiency and future potential. 

  • During the school year, We will works with any family or individual on a contract basis with Twin City Indoor Tennis & Pickleball Athletic Club facility to offer customized year round training during the daytime, after school, evening or weekends.  We can offer customized lesson and development plans, consulting, direct phone and email communication during tournaments, and scheduled meetings to assess progress towards current and future goals.

  • At TCTC & TCTPC we want to make ourselves very available by text and email to set up a lesson schedule.  Our Staff  are also available to travel to local and national  tournaments, but will be available  to work with players and coaches individually on the phone during competition.During the summer months and for international or non-local students, at TCTC we give private lessons either in single sessions, or by a package of 5 /10/ 20 lessons.  


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