Weather & Location Hotwire  Updates- Please Check daily

Please remember to be ready to double-check by looking at this page on our website again to see if there are any other updates to our Weather/Location Hotwire due to inclement weather, location changes,  or any Covid 19 updates as well.  We look forward to seeing all of you this summer on the courts, and want to say thank you to every one of you again for supporting and participating at TCTC !!!

thanks again for supporting TCTC,

Daniel & Molly Nabedrick-Molitor

Executive Directors

 Immediate Questions- Please Text 612-600-2460

Assistance w/ official registrations details - please email & confirm receipt of email via text

And we cannot say it enough, but thanks to al lof you and your families again for your patience, your understanding, and your continued support of TCTC through these past two years of Covid especially.   We cannot believe how fortunate and lucky we have been to have our amazing community of families continuing to support our TCTC Tennis camps since April 2020 !!!


Our entire staff and our immediate family (Molly, Bluma, Liza, Sunny, Skye and myself)  all feel so extremely grateful to you and each of your own families for sharing your children with all of us this spring/summer/fall and now winter of 2021.  We have had the most incredible summer camp ever, with record breaking junior and adult attendance, which is now for the first time ever over 5000 total participating campers for the first time in our 23 years of service to our many families in our tennis community.  


Wednesday ,Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10/ 20 -23 /21 

7:00 am -  Updates # 1 & 2 

ALL THURSDAY & SATURDAY JR. & ADULT Lessons will be moved indoors to our Dome Stadium for the remainder of this week and permanently next week too beginning on Monday Oct 25.  See address below.  All Fall 1 & Fall 2 Lessons will be moved indoors permanently effective today Oct 21. 


& there is still limited space available for more friends and families to sign up too for lessons beginning on Monday-Sunday Oct 25-December 19.  And for MEA CAMP Oct 21/22 and for Thanksgiving Camp Week Monday-Wed & Friday too.  Register online today. 

All MEA Jr. Camp for this week Wed,Thur,Fri morning & Afternoon (all times all day) at Golden Valley Brookview location will be moved indoors for the rest of the week to our Nabedrick Indoor Stadium located at 8401 83rd Avenue North in Brooklyn Park (see locations "indoors" for map and diretions).   We are now officially moving all programming for the week indoors.  With low temps and possible for continued rainy weather throughout the week on the radar/ Accuweather,  We have decided to officially move indoors for the entire week. 

Morning Camp will still go from 9:00 am- 12:00pm

Full Day Camp will still go from 9:00 am- 4:00 pm or 11am-6pm

Half Day Camp will still go from 11:00-4:00pm or 1pm -6pm

Afternoon Camp will still go from    1:00- 4:00 pm or 3:00-6:00pm

Daniel & Molly Nabedrick-Molitor

Executive Directors

Twin City Tennis Camps


From Summer of 2021.....

All Camps start times as follows

Full Day 8:30am -4:00pm

Morning 8:30am-12:00pm
Half Day 11:00am- 4:00pm

Afternoon 12:30-4:00pm 

*early drop 8:00am or 12:00 pm

*late pick up 4:30 pm

* Yes - We are still planning to run camps at all of our normal, morning, afternoon, late afternoon, and evening times this entire week.


All Jr./ Sr. High performance Quick Start & Development, High Performance players from Bethel, Blake, Wayzata, Plymouth locations -  We will be consolidating all of our Jr/Sr.Quick Start & Jr./Sr. Development & High Performance campers from Bethel, Wayzata, Plymouth, Blake,campers to our Golden Valley locations  for the full week Aug 23-27.

We want to thank you in advance for you cooperation, understanding and flexibility for making location changes to our schedule for the end of our summer day camp programming..

We will provide make ups 

During Summer Day Camp Hours in 2021 or Summer 2022 if necessary - For Rain Days or Poor Air Quality days during the entire summer day camp season of 2021, Any afternoon 12:30 -4:00 pm, or half day 11:00 am -4:00 pm campers wishing to attend our mornings sessions on Friday instead will be allowed to participate.  Please Text asap 612-600-2460 to confirm your child will be attending our morning only session today. 

All make up sessions for July 27 ,28, 30 -  afternoon cancellation will be made up on either Wednesday ,Thursday or Friday afternoon Aug 4,5,6 , or Aug 11,12/13 (2021) or they may be saved and made up next year as well. 


We kindly ask that you please text and or email all questions to 612-600-2460 and


Daniel & Molly Nabedrick - Molitor

Executive Directors- Twin City Tennis Camps 

** Due to our incredibly high volume of enrollment the weeks of Aug 16-20, Aug 23-27 and Aug 30-Sept

We will not be offering any summer make up day camp hours during these last three weeks of summer camps.

Please provide formal email requests for any summer make up dates moving forward with as much detail as possible, including first/last name, time/date of missed camp, time/date of make and camp location.   

thanks to everyone in our TCTC summer camp community for your support and understanding for our desire to ensure that your child's safety, well being and health remains our highest priority each and every day of summer camp.  We are having an incredible summer of tennis, fun, friendship, water play, ice cream and more.....  We hope to see you all for Week # 10 next week or later in the summer at one of our four amazing weeks of August Summer Camps too. 

as always, please text/email with any immediate questions or concerns as well. 


Any urgent questions please text your first and last name and specific questions and we will text and or call back asap regarding the status of your child's/adult activities moving forward.

1 ) Reminders for All Players. Parents, & Grandparents - Late Afternoon, Evening & Sat Lesson - *all Late Afternoon 4-6pm, , 6-8pm Evening,& 10-12pm Saturday Weekend Lessons will be relocated to our one Golden Valley location in Brookview Park through June & July . All Plymouth, Wayzata and Blake lesson registrations for 4-6pm, 6-8pm Evenings or 10-12pm Saturday please attend lessons in Golden Valley Brookview Park.

2) All Jr. Day Camp & Lesson Participants:

Day campers - remember bring swim suits/towels and extra changes of clothes - socks, underwear, t-shirt, shorts in case of hot weather sweating and also getting wet. Please have kids apply sunscreen before coming to camp and then have them bring with them as well to reapply during the camp day.

All Players - Make sure to buy sweat proof sunscreen for faces. Hats, sunglasses are definitely recommended.

Lunch: We will be eating lunch daily at 12-1230pm, and throughout the day we are going to continue to prioritize taking shade/water/snack breaks as much as possible. :

Contact Info:

TCTC Email-

TCTC Business Phone- PLEASE TEXT- 612-600-2460 -

Please text Daniel Nabedrick- Executive Director

Weather & Location Hotwire:

We have a weather hotwire update on our Home Page of TCTC Website. We will provide updated info each day at least 30-60 minutes prior to any programming changes due to inclement weather. This is our best way to communicate and for you to find out what is happening for our lesson and camp scheduling during bad weather. We will provide info on cancellations, delays, where to drop off and pick up campers, and and where your children are located indoors during any major severe weather storms that happen during camp or lesson hours.


Planning for Inclement Weather -

During Summer Day Camp Hours in 2021 - For Rain Days during the entire summer day camp season of 2021, We will be able to go to our Indoor Stadium Facility located at 8401 83rd Ave north, in Brooklyn Park off of 169/694.

Our Camps will be a Rain or Shine Camps going forward at all of our locations. If it does rain heavily we will ALL be going indoors to our stadium. . We will still do our best to remain outdoors and try not to cancel and work through rain with off court games and safe play games on wet courts when possible.

TCTC Camper Expectations & Healthy Campers and Coaches :

We want to make sure everyone attending camp each day including campers and staff feel healthy and safe for attending camps. If your children are under the weather please consider scheduling a make up day.

CHECK IN: All Adult & Jr Campers- Parents/ Participants

Please make sure to check in every day with our facility director's at each location, we want to make sure to do proper attendance for the day. if you're doing hot lunches please check in and let us know that you'll be doing hot lunch and pay

BLUE BELL NEW ICE CREAM TRUCK: A new ice Truck Will be coming Mornings on Monday at 11am, & also both Afternoons on Wednesdays and Fridays from 1230-2pm PM in the afternoon. please make sure to have your child bring money for those days if you choose for them to get ice cream. Ice cream ranges from $2.50 - $4.00 dollars. *THE Entire WEEK THE TRUCK IS AVAILABLE.

FUN & SAFETY: While playing & learning tennis your son/daughter will play a lot of fun tennis games on and off the court, we emphasize tennis and also engage in many athletic fun non tennis-related off court games too. We have a dynamic daily tennis camp environment and we will provide your child with a healthy social atmosphere while encouraging making meeting new friends and coaches too. SAFETY, We are all about SAFETY and want to make sure that your child is safe with TCTC, and we make do our very best to make sure all campers stay hydrated and reapply sunscreen throughout the day.


MONDAY - Learning & Reviewing Forehand- Basic Stroke Development & Progress towards Top Spin

TUESDAY - Learning & Reviewing Backhand - Basic Stroke Development & Progress towards Top Spin

WEDNESDAY - Learning & Reviewing VOLLEYS - Ready Position/ Recover / Both Sides of Body

THURSDAY - Learning & Reviewing Serve & Overhead- Throwing Motion, Ball Toss, Hand Eye Coord.

FRIDAY - FUN DAY - Scoring, Match Play, Singles & Doubles , Playing a lot of fun tennis games and reviewing all strokes that we've learned throughout the week! Competitive Strategy & Tournaments Too.



If it's hot we like to give the kids water games and give the kids options to get wet. May be a good idea for extra clothes.

LARGE WATER BOTTLES :We do have a water fountain but encourage everyone to bring a water bottle and they can refill their water bottles at the water fountain or our water jug. We have a big inflatable slide and plastic pools, slip n slide.

TENNIS RACKET - Bring your tennis racket each day, if you don't have a racket, we have rackets that you can borrow for the day or week.

SNACK MONEY: We do have snacks that we sell daily at all locations and We recommend kids bring some of their own snacks and also bring a few dollars to spend at camp on munchy snacks for $1 each and sports drinks & water bottles for $1 - $2. Also reminder to make sure to bring extra money on Tuesday and Thursday as the Ice Cream Truck will be arriving for the afternoon around 130-2PM Tues/Thurs.

Early & Late Pickup: - For parents who need to drop off earlier than 8:30 am, we allow for drop off as early as 8:00 AM, as we will have coaches available at that time, and Staff will either have them help with setup or go on court early and rally with another camper or coach. Also for parents who need to pick up later than 4pm daily, we like for you to pick up as late as 4:30 PM but please no later unless it is an emergency. If you need longer coverage you may be able to schedule that with us in advance on a specific day.

Large Water Cooler & Large Food Cooler:

Please provide as much necessary water, lunch , fruit, snacks, ice and drinks for your children to enjoy during the daytime. Kids burn lots of calories and need to drink lots of water and eat lots of calories to stay healthy and active during the camp day. We do not have an outdoor water source this summer and we will not be providing a shared camp large water cooler this summer due to Covid 19 safety measures.

EXTRA CLOTHES, SWIMSUITS & TOWELS: If it's hot we like to provide our campers with fun dynamic water play games & activities.. May be a good idea for extra clothes for changing out of sweaty clothes when ever it is possible. We have a portable outdoor changing room for kids to get in and out of swimsuits during the day time.

Water Play & Social Distancing: Water games will only be allowed while practicing social distancing and when when it is very hot and kids need a break from the heat and relief from sunshine to cool off. We will make sure to provide Covid safe environment to allow for water play during our camp daily schedule.

We're looking forward to seeing this week at TCTC TENNIS - and if not this week, we hope we will see you all very soon at one of our fun summer camp or lesson programs available for everyone in the family !!!

Reminder: Please sign up in advance if you wish to secure a place for your child now. We will be opening up our limited registrations to the public again now, and we will be sharing info on our website and tennis community with updates that our camps are re opening at selected locations.

thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Daniel & Molly Nabedrick- Molitor

Executive Directors

Twin City Tennis camps


Daniel & Molly

Contact Info:

TCTC Email-

TCTC Business Phone- 612-600-2460 -

Please ask For Daniel Nabedrick- Executive Director

Minneapolis Indoor /Facility Executive Director -

Daniel Nabedrick- 612-600-2460


Thanks for supporting Twin City Tennis Camps

See You On The Courts !!!

Moving Tennis From a Game of Skill to a Game For Life

Email or call:

Daniel & Molly Nabedrick-Molitor, Executive Directors of Tennis Camps

Office 612-600-2460

Thanks for supporting Twin City Tennis Camps

See You On The Courts !!!

Moving Tennis From a Game of Skill to a Game For Life

 Please text with any questions to 612-600-2460.   

* anyone wishing to have a full make up day instead for today camp this week due to the heat please text & email Daniel Nabedrick Executive Director at 612-600-2460.

Please text 612-600-2460 and also email with questions that you have concerning this weeks schedule.  Yes the Ice Cream Truck is coming M/W/F this week to Brookview/Wesley/Wayazta


For indoor make up - Please go to our Nabedrick indoor Stadium location at 8401 83rd Ave North, Brooklyn Park. Located off Hwy 169/694 exit ct rd 81 and find Dome Stadium behind Fleet Farm.  

* Late Afternoon & Evening Adult & Junior Campers please email/text to confirm that you will be attending our 4-6pm and 6-8pm classes this week during the evening outdoors and stay tuned for updates if the weather does cause any changes too. 

All Pickleball Adult lessons and Group Play must text 612-600-2460 for confirmation or court assignments and court bookings today, there will be no drop in adult pickleball play today.

For all make up days please email and provide details for specific names/dates and times that you would like to attend a make up camp/ class and please send text follow up to confirm receipt  of email as well.

WEATHER UPDATES/CANCELATIONS: It is really timing.  Generally it should be expected that our tennis camps and tennis lessons for kids and adults will go on as scheduled unless it is obvious that weather precludes this. Weather updates will be on our website (Home- Weather Hotwire). We try to post updates an hour in advance to give parents enough time to adjust their schedules, but may need to cancel as close as only 30 minutes prior if we do get bad weather just before camp will begin.