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Word of mouth

I can't recommend Twin City Tennis Camps highly enough. Dan runs great programs for both kids and adults, and brings in very talented coaches that help with skill development, knowledge of the game, and they coach to all levels of players. Not only has my tennis game improved, but I've also had a lot of fun meeting other players and joking with all of the coaches. This was the first year that I've attended Twin City Tennis Camps, but I will definitely be signing up again next year.

Brett Binder

Adult Tennis Camps - Golden Valley

We have registered our 14 and 7 year old Grandkids with Twin City Tennis Camps for the past two years. They started out with the 4:00-6:00 time last year, and moved to 8:30-12:00 this year. Both kids have thoroughly enjoyed the Camp, as well as we find the Tennis Coaches very talented and connect with the kids very well. Their teaching styles have supported our Kids in improving at a higher rate than we ever expected. They make it fun to learn, but also have expectations for the kids. The Camp at Brookview for the 7 year old is highly active and keeps our Grandson moving and gives him different activities besides Tennis. The Camp our 14 year old attends at Wesley Park provides challenges she enjoys to make her ready for her High School Team. I do want to thank Dan for the flexibility in schedule; this allows us to fit our schedule, but gives our Grandkids an opportunity to have a high level of training. It seems like a "family" there ... they get to know you and your kids and want to see them succeed! Would highly recommend Twin City Tennis Camps .. next year will be a full day for the 7 year old!

Diana Tortelli

Junior High Performance Tennis Campss- Golden Valley Wesley Park

My 8 and 11-year-old​ spent the summer participating in the tennis camps at SPA. It was an INCREDIBLE experience for them both! Neither had ever picked up a tennis racket and they were welcomed and coached to where they now LOVE the game and have gotten really good! I can't believe it when I see them play! My 8-year-old​ said to me, 'Mom I found my sport. I love tennis!' I cannot say enough good things about the coaches!!!! Edmundo, Bolivar, ​and Diana were amazing and became like family to my kids. We took a two-week​ vacation mid-camp​ and my daughter insisted on bringing home gifts for them! Daniel was fantastic to work on​ arranging the signups and details​ for the camp. I cannot say enough good about the camps and everyone we interacted with from TCTC! It made for a great summer and we will be back next year!

Jenny DeMegs

Summer Junior Tennis Camps - St. Paul Academy

This tennis program is amazing for both kids and adults! My kids (ages 5 & 7) go to the day camp during the summer and take lessons together every week. My husband got back into playing, too, thanks to Twin City Tennis Camps. And, for the first time since playing college tennis a lifetime ago, I feel like I'm starting to get my game back because of the amazing coaching. We look forward to TCTC every summer. We live down the street from Brookview and feel so lucky to have this high quality program right here in our neighborhood. It's definitely a huge perk of living in Golden Valley!

Lisa Pollack

Spring & Summer Junior & Adult Tennis Camps - Golden Valley

Highly recommend Twin City Tennis lessons. I started with the beginner adult program this Summer and I’ve extended my lessons through the Fall. The instructors are knowledgeable and tailor the experience to your skill level, even in the group setting. Overall, good opportunity to learn tennis, meet new people, and have fun!

Kathy Kim

Adult Tennis Lessons - Golden Valley

Thank you for a great summer!  Natalia and Caleb both absolutely loved the full 10 weeks of Tennis and are hoping to do it again next year! They are both dreaming of becoming Tennis coaches for TCTC as well. The assistant coaches at Bethel are a great influence and great inspiration.

Corren Duque

Summer Junior Tennis Camps - Bethel University

All 3 of my girls (Valerie, Danielle, & Leah) really had a great time with tennis this summer, and they improved their skills quite a bit -- thank you

Lynn Schmitt

Junior Tennis Camps - Golden Valley

This is a wonderful wonderful camp. The coaches are professional, inspiring and enthusiastic. The students are working hard, truly, especially in the few days with extreme hot weather.  And they have built up their interest, endurance, strength, sportsmanship and friendship through the camp. Jerry loved it! He said he would absolutely want to come back and play for the whole summer next year.  What an amazing feeling!I want to thank you for setting up such a great camp. 

Doreen Cheng

Minnesota International Junior Tennis Academy- The Blake School

Finding Twin City Tennis Camps has meant I have not only rediscovered my love of tennis, but also improved my game too! I didn't expect to have so much fun and gain so much fitness (and friends) along the way. Thank you!

Laura Best

Adult Tennis Camps- Golden Valley

My kids loved this camp and weren't ready to leave even after days in the sun. I loved their enthusiasm for playing and their noticeable improvement. We will absolutely be signing up again next summer!

Rachel Chung

Summer Junior Camps - Plymouth Athletic Club

My kids just love your camp!!! I couldn't be happier to have them in your program - the best moment was when my older daugther (a 2 yr veteran of your camp) showed her 5 yr old sister how to hit a tennis ball!!

Alex Schoenberger

Summer Junior Tennis Camps- Plymouth Athletic Club

Thank you for generously donating the Tennis Camps to the silent auction for Carolyn Johnson's Benefit to Beat Cancer.  I know first had what a great organization TCTC is and how great the camps are!

Holly Shaw

junior program

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