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High Performance Camp, USTA tournaments, Junior Team Tennis, 1-on-1 private tennis lessons available, coaching internship at TCTC, 8- 12-week programs. Come to camp in the summer from 8 a.m. to 4:00 pm or 8am-12pm or 1230pm-400pm Monday to Friday.  Participate in USTA TCTC tournaments at St. Paul Academy (see schedule on Tournaments {link} page) and receive a Performance Summary Analysis and feedback during matches from your coach.  During the eight-week Junior Team Tennis season, play one or two afternoons a week of singles and/or doubles match play, including areas for all teams, and sections/sectionals and even nationals for teams who advance. See JTT USTA-Junior-Team-Tennis web page for more information.  This camp is for the player who wants to move his/her game to the next level: make varsity, win a tournament, get top-10 ranking, impress college scouts. Only serious players need apply.


For out-of-town players, homestays with fellow campers and their families is available upon request. Please contact Daniel Nabedrick- Director of Junior Tennis for more information - 612-600-2460.

Need an a la carte option? More flexibility? Call Director of Tennis and Facilities Daniel Nabedrick for more information. 

Sr. High Performance - Yellow Ball

Age: 14U, 16U, 18U  

Ball: Yellow felt ball

Court: 78' x 27' singles; 78' x 36' doubles

Racquet: 26–27" dependent on the size of the player

Scoring Options

  • Any scoring system within the Rules of Tennis

Stage Description: Once players have progressed through the Red, Orange and Green stages, they will usually be ready to train and compete with a yellow ball on the full court.

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