JUNIor Tennis PLaYEr


At Twin City Tennis Camps, Director of Tennis, Daniel Nabedrick has created a wildly successful spring, summer, fall tennis experience for campers of all ages & ability levels. He leads a coaching staff of highly trained and motivated directors, head coaches, assistand coaches and off court camp counselors. The staff is well prepared to individualize training programs in order to maximize each student’s potential on the tennis court and to provide a safe and fun environment for the players on and off the courts. Daniel believes in TCTC’s Core Values and its organizing principles.
Using tennis as a vehicle for life he has built a 24 week seasonal camp structure to serve the needs of all players. The comprehensive summer immersion program provides skills-building and sno-cones, tournaments and good-bye tunnels, high fives and hugs and is designed for players to return week after week and year after year to reach whatever level of play they can. Personalized and hands-on training is an added benefit for players.


TCTC Competetive Pathway

 For those players who are training to compete, Twin City Tennis Camps also offers a spring, summer, and fall camp program designed for players ages 6-22. Starting with the smaller 36 foot "Quick Start" and 60 foot "Jr. Development" courts for our 10 and under junior players, our participants begin working up each individualized skill level of our program and this allows our campers to progress and continuously improve as they work their way up our own personalized built in competite pathway . Here players improve their technical development, go further with the game, and learn to compete and win with character every step of the way. They become smarter, faster, and superior trained junior athletes.

Focus, organization, committment, high intensity, no excuses, and no complaints are the foundations for the Jr, Academy & High Performance camps.This hands-on approach is characteristic of the TCTC reputation for providing supportive and nurturing coaches. TCTC’s Junior Team Tennis Advanced and Intermediate schedules also allow coaches to be present at team matches, for example, to watch and coach players during matches, often a feature not offered at many other local tennis lesson programs.

Our junior and adult tennis players have come from all areas and schools of the Twin Cities, as well as Wisconsin, South Dakaota, Iowa, North Dakota, Alaska, Guam, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Switzerland, Eygpt and Libya for our full service tennis camp and academy programs;
  1. Junior Quickstart: Age 4-5 & 6-7, 8-9 & 10-12,13- 15 Beginners & Advanced Beginners

  2. Junior Development: Age 5-7, 8-10, 11-12  & 13-15 -  Intermediate & Advanced Intermediate

  3. Junior High Performance: Age 10-12, 13-15 & 16-18 - Advanced Intermediate & Advanced

  4. Minnesota International Tennis Academy: Ages 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18 - Advanced & Elite 

  5. Adult Basics & Beyond:  Beginners & Adv.Beginners   Level 1 - NTRP 1.0-2.5  Evenings 6-8 pm        

  6. Adult Skills & Cardio: Intermediate & Adv.Intermediate   Level 2 - NTRP 2.5-4.0 Evenings 6-8 pm 

  7. Adult Warrior Competition Drill:  Advanced & Elite   Level 3-  NTRP 4.0- 5.0  Mondays 6-8 pm

  8. Junior Team Tennis:  USTA JTT League Play- 10 U, 12 U, 14 U and 18 U Teams for Intermediate and Advanced Levels

  9. Junior USTA Tennis Tournaments:  Ages 10-18 under singles and doubles USTA Sanctioned tournaments.

  10. Junior and Adult Customized Private & Semi Private Lessons:  1 hour/ 5 hour / 10 hour packages available

  • We will also travel to any surrounding private or public tennis facility or out state community tennis association, high school tennis courts or private tennis court to provide large customized tennis camps, group tennis lessons, or one on one private tennis lesson instruction to any individual, family or USTA league tennis team & high school tennis team.