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Experience the fastest growing sport in America Midwest style

Put tennis, badminton and ping pong in a cocktail shaker, and you’ve got Pickleball. And no one serves up this unique and fun sport like Twin City Pickleball Camps. Created in 1965, Pickleball is played with oversized paddles and a softball-sized plastic ball that travels substantially slower than a tennis ball. The Nabedrick Tennis & Pickleball Stadium & Pro Shop features Sixteen (16) dedicated & non dedicated Pickleball courts, available for daytime, evening & weekend play, and the most comprehensive instructional programs in the Midwest. It is a fun and simple game to pick up at any age, but can take a lifetime to master.

Pickleball’s popularity is due to the social aspect that pickleball provides. It’s a little more fun, more social, much quicker than being on a tennis court and warming up across the net on a pickleball court you can have an entire conversation, it’s very welcoming and non intimidating social setting.  And anyone and everyone can play pickleball,  every type of sports competitor, professional athlete to weekend warrior, virtually any and every kind of sport imaginable helps players to translate into pickleball success, and even non athletic people who have never played a sport in their lives.

We have Pickleball Daily Lessons & Clinics, Basics & Beyond Group Lessons, and Pure Beginner Private lessons available for the newest players both Adults & Juniors 7 days a week.  And our  goal for everyone is to get them playing the game, enjoying  the sport, exercising and making friends on and off the court immediately. We want to take the elitism & the entitlement out of this incredible new sport, and to welcome everyone to meet new people, enjoy old friends, have fun, exercise and enjoy playing pickleball as soon as they can and for as long as they are able.  The learning curve is the easiest of other sport out there not just other racket sports.  The magic is in the game and TCPC is planning to invite everyone to join the FUN - young and old from 4-84 years old !!!   

Twin City Pickleball Camps offers a wide variety of pickleball programs , clinics, lessons. tournaments, destination camps & travel tours for players of all skill levels. Our most popular program is the  Group Mixer Match Play.  Each Three Hour Competitive Match Play Session Morning 9am-12pm / Afternoon 12pm-3pm /Evening 600pm -9:00 pm is professionally organized and coordinated by our TCPC Professional Coaching Staff- with on court staff supervision & participating during the mixers our goal is to have every player attending participating at their specific designated courts & skill level ( 2.0/3/0/ 3/5 /4.0/ 4/5 levels and players are challenged to advance up the court ladders based on daily performance. Matches are intended to be both competitive and social.  And for those just entering the sport.


Pickleball Basics & Beyond Clinic & Mixer Classes help beginners & advanced beginners learn the basics such as rules, scoring, court positioning, and then gets you ready by incorporating modified match play settings to help with comfortability, strategy & skill during informal competition settings. There is an activity and program for everyone of all ages and skill levels.

8401 83rd Ave N Minneapolis MN 55445

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