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Junior & Senior QUICK START BegiNner DAY CaMPS 


IntroducInG The Sport of Tennis For Kids Of ALL AGES

REd & Orange Balls And 36 & 48,60 & 72 Foot Courts With 19,21, 23, 25 & 26 Inch Rackets-  RacKets are SizeD by Age/SIZE & SKill

tennis lessons & tennis academy for juniors in minneapolis & st paul  

“It fits better so kids hit better!” Practices are either held on 36 & 48-foot USTA regulation customized and designed QuickStart courts and QuickStart official nets for smaller children to succeed on, with a red felt lower compression tennis ball and 19 to 23-inch racquet, OR for larger children practices are held on 60-foot USTA regulation customized and designed 10 and Under courts using the USTA standard tennis court net , 19, 21, 23 inch racquets with Red and Orange felt lower compression ball.


Players in this format are being introduced to the proper grip, preparation and swing path for each stroke as well as learning the basic footwork patterns and stances. Tactically, red players are acquiring the skills of consistency, placement, and basic spin as they learn to control the ball and rally. To begin points, red players are developing a consistent toss and rhythmic service motion to minimize double faults and learning to apply the proper ground-stroke technique.


Our main goal is to get our campers to learn how to RALLY, SERVE and SCORE. They develop gross motor skills, balance, and organization of points. They learn ready position, recovery to ready position, to track the ball and to move to the ball. Off-court activities to keep kids fresh and engaged include playing sprinkler kickball, sand volleyball, super kids’ day events, the Home Base for group time with counselors, and more!  


Beginner Classes for children aged six and under who are just starting out in tennis. Fundamentals will be emphasized (with an extra emphasis on fun!) as well as the ABCs: Agility, Balance, and Coordination.

**TCTC offers tennis camps & tennis lessons minnesota minneapolis twin cities

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