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High Performance Camp, USTA tournaments, Junior Team Tennis, 1-on-1 private tennis lessons available, coaching internship at TCTC, 8- 12-week programs.  Come to camp in the summer from 8 a.m. to 4:00 pm or 8am-12pm or 1230pm-4pm or 4pm-6pm, Monday to Friday.  Participate in USTA TCTC tournaments at St. Paul Academy (see schedule on Tournaments {link} page) and receive a Performance Summary Analysis and feedback during matches from your coach.  During the eight-week Junior Team Tennis season, play one or two afternoons a week of singles and/or doubles match play, including areas for all teams, and sections/sectionals and even nationals for teams who advance. See JTT USTA-Junior-Team-Tennis web page for more information.  This camp is for the player who wants to move his/her game to the next level: make varsity, win a tournament, get top-10 ranking, impress college scouts. Only serious players need apply. For out-of-town players, homestays with fellow campers and their families is available upon request. Please contact Daniel Nabedrick- Director of Junior Tennis for more information - 612-600-2460.

Need an a la carte option? More flexibility? Call Director of Tennis and Facilities Daniel Nabedrick for more information. 

 Jr. High Performance - Orange & Green Ball

Age: 8U,10U, & 12U

BallOrange Felt Ball & Green felt ball - slightly slower moving and reduced bounce from yellow felt ball giving more time to get to and return shots

Court78' x 27' singles; 78' x 36' doubles

Racquet25–26" dependent on the size of the player

Scoring Options

  • Tiebreak to 7 or 10

  • 4 game set using no-ad scoring

  • Best of 3 short sets to 4 games (3rd set as a match tiebreak)

Stage DescriptionCourt size is increased. The ball is faster than at orange, but slower and lower bouncing than the yellow ball, helping players to continue to develop good technique, movement and advanced tactics. Matches are slightly longer than at orange, and both individual and team events are played.

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