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Golden Valley Tennis Center at Brookview Park is a lighted and windscreen protected six hard court tennis facilty located on the southwest corener of Winnetka Avenue and High 55, and is surrounded by the City of Golden Valley's largest and most actively used commuminty park with an 18 hole golf course , 2 sand volley ball courts, large outdoor play ground structure, two large picnic shelters and a brand new Community Clubhouse Building with indoor play structure open to the public year round. 

Address- 200 Brookview Parkway, Golden Valley, MN 55426

The Golden Valley Tennis Center at Brookview Park is located on the southwest corner of Winnetka Ave and Highway 55 in the heart of Golden Valley, Minnesota. Additional amenities include: 18 hole golf course, 2 sand volleyball courts, play ground, two large picnic shelters, and a large play field.

Golden Valley Tennis Center
200 Brookview Parkway
Golden Valley, MN 55426 

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