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Exceptional Daily Performance

The 9 F's for Developing MIT Academy High Performance Athletes striving for exceptional daily performance and exponential improvement.

These are our 9 "letter F" expectation words for academy and high performance athletic development of a successful tennis player that we are going to be coaching.  The goal is to become a high level competitor that has visions of collegiate tennis and/ or professional tennis. 

  1. Foundation- having a solid technical and strategic foundation for you to have your game based around

  2. Focus- staying present, reset your mind/body after each ball in practice and after each point in competition

  3. Footwork- moving - balanced, organized with what your feet and body need to do before hitting every ball - getting the right contact point while moving. Planning ahead.

  4. Feel- feeling the ball on your strings, getting enough spin, extension through hitting zone, height, contact point on the ball, the ball rises over the net and falls inside the lines

  5. Fun- enjoying yourself out on the courts, not taking yourself to seriously, being able to smile, be grateful, and appreciate joy & beauty of sport, exercise, health & competition

  6. Fight/Fortitude- always working for every ball, being resilient on the court & committed to maximizing your potential on every point to succeed in practice and matches. Never giving up during practice or com

  7. Fitness- Physical and Mental Fitness- being physically & mentally fit as possible, & strong to last through entire practice or entire match- strong mind, strong body, strong character

  8. Flexibility- body and mind is flexible and athletic & able to stretch, learn, grow, improve, & anticipate, prepare, move for every ball on the court with ease , grace and flow

  9. Friendship- creating friendships out on the court and off the court too- sharing your positive experience & energy with players, parents coaches every day out on the courts 

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